IKEA Lack Table Hack

When my husband and I first moved into our new home there was so much to buy that there were certain areas we decided to cheap out on. While I personally believe that there is no shame in buying a $10 IKEA Lack table (I am an avid supporter of IKEA) it did leave a little to be desired. That is where this $7 roll of contact paper came in and gave our tables just the upgrade that they needed! Follow these simple steps for this affordable upgrade!

You’ll need:
1. Paper scissors
2. Exacto knife
3. Marble contact paper
4. Soap and water

Clean the surface of your table thoroughly with soap and water. This will ensure that the contact paper will stick to the tabletop. Be sure to dry it completely once it is clean! Then remove the legs of the table, they screw in so all you have to do it twist the to the left!

Using your paper scissors cut the contact paper to be slightly longer than the tabletop (roughly 3 inches too long per side). Slowly and carefully apply the contact paper and press firmly from beginning to end to smooth out any air bubbles. You will need two sections of contact paper to cover the width of a standard IKEA lack table. Just try your best to line up the motif so the seam won’t be visible! If you do get a few air bubbles it is no big deal! Just apply the tiniest bit of pressure to them with your exacto knife and press the air out. The contact paper will stick to the table and the air bubble will release!

Using your exacto knife cut a thin diagonal line from the corner of the table to the edge of the contact paper. Then cut away the small rectangle until the two sides of the contact paper create a perfect corner. Fold the excess contact paper over the edge of the table and stick it to the underside of the table. With your exacto knife punch out a hole when your table legs will screw back in. Then reassemble the table and voila you have a super fancy table now!


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