Upcycled Pen Holder

When it comes to the organization of my office supplies, I must admit I am a little all over the place. When looking for pens I often dig through multiple drawers or yell at my husband to grab me one from my purse. Since I finally put together my new office space (post coming soon) I decided it would be lovely to have a simple, stylish place to put all my pens. Problem is that when I looked online the only options I liked were roughly in the $50-$75 range which seems ridiculous for a pen house. Instead I made this super easy upcycled pen holder in a few minutes for $5! Read on for instructions!
What you’ll need:
  • Four cans (glass or metal) in varying sizes (up to you)
  • Wood or glass glue
  • Gold spray paint
  • A piece of wood or plastic as a base 

Ensure that all of your surfaces are clean and dry. I used old cans and soaked them overnight to ensure that the labels were fully removed and that there were no remaining bits of food or dirt. Then layout your cans in the order that you would like them in. (Size variation adds visual interest!) 

Once all of your cans are places in your desired order and glued down firmly. Then cover the cans in a coat of your desired colored spray paint. (Loving this gold right now!). Also try your best NOT to get spraypaint all over your fingers like I did here (Cue James Bond’s “Goldfinger” soundtrack…). Anyways, then you will need to wait for the paint to dry as per the instructions on the can before spraying a second coat. Once this is dry you are good to go!!!!

Voila! A super fancy schmancy pen holder for the price of a frappuccino!


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