How to Pack the Perfect In-Flight Carry On

As I have mentioned earlier, next Friday I am going to Australia for the wedding if two of my favorite people. I have only been in Australia once before and it was for a six hour layover on my way back from New Zealand. Needless to say, this will be more fun than the last time I was down under!

In honor of all this travel excitement I decided to do a post on how to pack the perfect carry on!

To be honest, I used to just cram whatever I could into my carry on bag last minute- not for lack of organization but in a sudden dash of fear that I would desperately need not just one, but three bottles of sunscreen on my trip. Without fail I would go through TSA and have my bag pulled aside and inspected because in my frenzy I ended up with a contraband Evian or contact lens solution in my possession. Now I have enabled a system that helps make my travel significantly less stressful!A Big Bag: My friend’s dad is a leather worker and he made me this amazingly huge tote that I use for everything! For your flight you will want a big tote so you can make the most of your in flight storage, but also a smaller bag within that too so you can hold all your smaller, potentially liquid items. Sleepy Gear: I always like to dress up a little bit for the airport but that doesn’t mean that I don’t wear sweats while on-board my flight!  Especially on a flight as long as the flight from the US to Sydney will be, comfort is key. For me comfort includes some wildfox sweats and this D.I.Y. eyemask!All Your Tech: This varies from person to person but I am not very techie so I don’t really bring my laptop on flights (only my ipad). Aside from the ipad, my only other tech items are earphones, my i-phone, and a spare charger. That is all I need!Eye Materials: If you know me, you know I have HORRIBLE vision, like -5 with severe astigmatism bad. This can make long flights really hard on my eyes. I always bring my contact case with me, as well as a tiny bottle of solution and my glasses/glasses case. If you have perfect vision, I hate you…ahem I mean then all you will need to bring is a pair of sunglasses and their case!Reading material: I could never survive an 18 hour long flight without some good reading material (sleeping, watching TV and trying to sneakily do yoga at the back of the plane is simply not enough distraction). I try to bring a long book that I am not very far into yet so I get to maximize my reading time! I also like to bring a notebook and pen in case I feel like writing something myself!Gear For freshening Up: I love to hear people say “This is you after a nine hour flight?!”. The key to that reaction is sleeping like a drunk teenager the whole flight then using a face blotting sheet and applying concealer the second you land. I also like to run a brush through my hair, run a lint roller over myself, pop some visine in and put some deodorant on.Not Pictured: The three granola bars I promptly ate, and my passport and its leather holder…seeing as I can’t find it!!! Uh Oh!
Is there anything you always fly with or anything I missed that you find key to long journeys in tiny cramped space breathing in the air of strangers?

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