D.I.Y. Can Herb Garden

OK so this post might seem odd coming from me granted that I rarely cook and I have a notorious “black thumb” (I killed a cactus once…no joke). But as I grow older I feel like herb gardens are something that I should learn to partake in and appreciate…..plus plants are totally trending right now.

Here are the simple steps to creating your own upcycled herb garden!
First tape off the areas that you do not want to get paint on (I chose to paint only the can bottoms but you can get creative here!). Place a thin layer of plastic tarp in between the tape and the can and tuck it inside to ensure that no paint gets in.
Next, spray two coats of paint onto your can and wait for them to dry (follow directions on the paint can). Once dry, remove your tape and plastic layer.
Once you have picked out the herbs you would like to grow (take into consideration the amount of sun they will get, how often you use them in cooking, etc.) place a few pebbles in the bottom for drainage. Then place your herbs and some lightly packed additional soil into the can.
There you have it! Quick, easy and super cute 🙂

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