Super Easy D.I.Y. Cookie Containers

A while back in early June, a friend’s birthday really snuck up on me! Now that I live in Columbus away from most of my friends back in California, if I forget a birthday I have little to no time to send something in the mail! I still want my gifts to feel personal and special so I created this sweet little container and filled it with my friend’s favorite cookies (recipe here). It was super fast but still thoughtful!
 My husband and I drink the Oprah Chai and Pineapple Kona Pop Teas by the gallon so we have a lot of these containers lying around. Other than your container, all you need is some craft or wrapping paper, some paper scissors, a sharpie marker and double stick tape!
All I did here was measure the desired length and width or my container and cut my paper to that size (plus adding some ease for overlap at the back). Then I placed a row of double stick tape all the way around the top and bottom of the container and wrapped my paper around it. You can use regular tape to close the seam at the center back!
Next I cut a piece of paper in an alternate pattern and folded its edges to be clean, you can make it as narrow or wide as you would like! Then seal that piece up the same way as the other paper.  
Next I wrote a simple message across the front and filled it with my cookies! Ta-da! A super easy container personalized for your friend!

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