How To "Break In" Your Tee

I am a lifelong lover of true classic rock, Led Zeppelin is my all time favorite band. Fun Fact: Robert Plant once winked at me any my life basically ended then. Ok *composes self* getting to the point, I love a good vintage band tee but I find they are either wildly expensive or just too distressed for my liking. That I why I chose to D.I.Y. my own tee to look totally broken in! And yes, I know Flight of the Conchords is not a classic rock band, but they are awesome and this tee has been in desperate need of a makeover for years!

Please note that for my project I used a t-shirt I have had for years, but if you are trying this out on a brand new tee, you might want to use washing soda mixed with salt to break it down in the wash!
You’ll Need:
Exacto knife
Fabric scissors
Metal file of some sort (or sandpaper)
Bleach and a straw (optional)

First, I started by cutting off the sleeves of my shirt, it makes it look cooler and easier in my opinion. Make sure when you cut them off you take into consideration how low you make the armhole (if you are worried about your bra showing etc.). 

For the distress at the neckline, turn your exacto blade on it’s side and rub it back and forth to create tiny rips and texture on the rib. You can even cut tiny holes at the neckline to make it feel more distressed.

Using a file or sandpaper, rub down your shirt where you would like the most distress, like the actual graphic and the neckline and hem.

To add even more distress at the hem, cut it open the same way that  you did at the neckline. Then you can sand it even further to make it look grungier.
And finally, using your finger and a straw, suck out some bleach and add drips of it all over the shirt in varying amounts (this is optional but I think it adds a cool touch).
The final product! Note how lame I looked before and how super cool/edgy I look after? 🙂
Do any of you guys have a favorite vintage tee that you refuse to throw out?

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