Sydney in Pictures

OK guys, I have FINALLY gotten around to sorting all of my photos from my trip to Australia at the beginning of the month. In case you don’t know, I am horrible with technology and figuring out how to get that many photos off of my phone at one time was embarrassingly hard for me (apparently my computer is too old to access icloud!?!?!?). No judgements guys.

Anywho, the below perfectly summarizes all of my favorite parts of my trip to Sydney!

Cuddling with our new best friend (yes that is a LIVE koala) at Featherdale Wildlife Park

The only thing better than the drinks at the Glenmore is the view at the Glenmore

Admiring some art at the Museum of New South Wales

If you make the trek to Sydney you have GOT to make it out to the Blue Mountains….it is unreal

Spent way too much money at the Rock’s Market…such amazing local artists here

Our little place in Annandale for the week, I would highly suggest staying out here. Just a super quick bus ride to the city, but you escape all the craziness and noise of the city. Plus it is much cheaper!

If you happen to visit in July definitely hit up George street for some great sales (since it is the end of Australia’s financial year they have crazy huge sales!)

Hanging out in Hyde Park is a must! There are tons of great shops nearby and a plethora of memorials, beautiful sculptures and it is home to St. Mary’s Cathedral,which is the largest church in Sydney.

Don’t think this is morbid, but I think this graveyard (which is the largest graveyard in Sydney and overlooks Bondi Bay) is one of the most beautiful sights.
And most importantly, do NOT forget to hit up a Messina for some insane gelato! We went to the one in Surry Hills!
Do you guys have any favorite places you always visit while you’re in Sydney!


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