Natural Air Freshner

When it comes to your home, living somewhere that smells fresh and clean can be a huge necessity. Nothing is worse than having to smell your own sweaty gym clothes all day or be nose-blind to your reeking dog. On the flip side, more and more research has shown how toxic air fresheners like Febreze can be (read about the EWG’s study here) and that thought often deters me from using it. That is why I hunted down an organic way or freshening your home with this simple D.I.Y.!

The scent I created was a combo of lemon, thyme, mint, and vanilla. To meld all the scents together, all I did was cut up three small lemons and place them in a cup of boiling water. Then I added in two tablespoons of mint, a tablespoon of thyme and a teaspoon of vanilla extract 

Let all the ingredients boil for ten minutes then reduce to a simmer as long as desired (I kept mine on the stove for roughly 20 minutes. The longer you leave it on the stove the better it will make your kitchen smell! Then, if you’d like, you can throw the mixture into a jar and move it to another room to spread the smell throughout your house. You could also put the mixture in a mug and place it on a mug warmer near your desk or wherever you would like and you can smell it all day long!

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