Wall Art Made Easy

I am a huge art-lover, four years of art school will do that to you, but I always struggle with finding affordable pieces. I love sources such as Etsy and the Tappan Collective which are both meant to support our small-scale artists, but I also love the idea of creating my own pieces at times. I took realism painting classes for nine years but in reality anyone can make a piece of art! Below I included a quick guide to simple art rules that might make your paintings look more pleasing to the eye!
For my newest painting (fulfilling one of my summer goals! Whoop whoop!) I bought an old painting from Goodwill (yay recycling!) and followed the below simple steps!All you need for this project is a used canvas (try to find a high quality one that is still taught on the frame), some primer, a large paintbrush, a detail paintbrush and some multi-colored acrylic paints. 

If you are using a used canvas you will want to start with a very clean white canvas. I used a heavy primer to ensure that I was starting off right and did two full coats.
Technique 1: Organically Combining Colors
One of the easiest techniques that I like to use on abstract pieces is actually mixing the colors on the canvas instead of using a palette. This leaves uneven stroke marks and creates really nice color variation. Be sure to check out a color wheel and get a good understanding of your primary, secondary and tertiary colors if you are going to use this method. It will really help you out with mixing!
Technique 2: Textured StrokesFor this technique I just added a lot of primer into my paint to add some really heavy texture. If your painting is in the pastel family this will work out great but if you want something more vibrant than you can texture your canvas first. This would be just like priming the canvas (previous step) but you would add much more primer and be sure that your strokes leave a visible mark. You can also try some fun things like adding sand or moss into your paint for additional texture.

Technique 3: Dripping
This technique is just as simple as it sounds. Channel your inner Jackson Pollock and mixing your paint up with a little water then slowly drip it off of your brush onto your canvas. You can add a lot of emotion based on how you flick the paint, whether that is lazy or aggressive is up to you.
Technique 4: Flicking

This is another easy (but very messy!) method! I like to use for my paintings. It is exactly like it sounds, you literally just dip your finger into the paint and flick it onto the canvas. It creates such a fast splatter that it gives a lot of personality to the painting!

If you are not the artist type, be sure to look at this beginners guide to painting hereTell me your favorite artist below and have a great time painting!!! 


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