How to Create a Care Package

Moving away from friends and family can be a great experiment in maturity but it also a really hard logistically when it comes to birthdays and celebrations. Do I send them a card separately and ship them something I buy online to save on shipping? Do I make them a care package? Will that be time consuming? No need to worry! Here is a comprehensive guide on how to make a care package for a loved one that is sincere and still requires only a few moments of your time! The package in this tutorial, I made for a friend of mine who is not only celebrating a birthday, she is also celebrating gaining her American citizenship! Both wonderful causes for some candy and some celebration!

Everyone loves something new to wear! That can be something as simple as a delicate piece of jewelry (personalized maybe?), a new top, or something you know they will love (my girl loves her socks!). Clothing shows that you have thought through a gift especially for them!

This can be any home good really but remember that everyone loves getting a new mug. It is a scientific fact. That way, when your bud is drinking their transformative morning coffee, you will be the first thing they are thankful for! Always a plus.


OK really though, who doesn’t have a sweet tooth that needs a little satisfying at some point? Just be aware of whether your friend is a sweet, sour or chocolatey kind of person.


Maybe this is just for me and my friends, but we love to send each other whatever snail mail we can get our hands on. Postcards, stationery whatever it is we enjoy mailing each other sweet notes on it. I thought it would be cute to send my friend some stationery that she could write some letters on for me or anyone else!


I think it is so important to always have a delightful little package for your gift. I typically include a makeup bag of some sort or just a cute little clutch to house their gift.

This is where some poetic skills would come in handy. I always love to include an eloquent “happy birthday” message in my cards! The card itself is one of the items that I sell in my Etsy shop and it is just perfect for that person who is your partner in crime. 
Aside from the internals of the package, it is the actual packaging itself that sets the mood! I like to add some cute decorative paper to the flaps as well as a special little message!
Don’t forward to add cute little tags explaining meaning behind each gift! I just bought some tags off Etsy that come with ties so you can add them to your gifts quickly!
Happy care-packaging (I just made up a verb!)

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