The 10 Best Things I’ve Ever Eaten (Part 2)

Continuing on one of my favorite topics, food/eating food, I now introduce to you the second installment of “The Ten Best Things I Have Ever Eaten” (first half found here). Just writing about this gets my mouth watering and my stomach grumbling!
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Clam Chowder // Famous New England Clam Chowder (Captain Parker’s // Cape Cod, Massachusetts)
Growing up in a beach town in California, I know good clam chowder when I taste it. My hometown has a huge clam chowder cook-off on our pier every year where local chefs serve up some fabulous iterations of soup, but as much as I hate to admit it, the East Coast wins on this one. Captain Parker’s clam chowder is like nothing you have ever had before. It is rich and super creamy, with slightly citrusy undertones that make your mouth salivate like crazy. The clams within the chowder are the perfect texture, still a little chewy but far from gamey. The whole thing just melts together into a perfect flavor explosion your mouth. If you are ever on the Cape, it is an absolute must! (Bonus, unlike many other restaurants on the Cape, they are open in the off-season too!)
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Wine // Meritage (Schulze’s Vineyard // Niagara, New York)

For my birthday this year A and I went to Niagara, obviously to see the falls, but also to go wine tasting in the country. We had our own mini tasting tour, and we were shocked by how different but delicious the wines were! Being a little partial to the California grape (thank you Parent Trap for that phrase) we were shocked by how full bodied the wines were, but my favorite had to be the Meritage at Schulze Vineyards. It was so 
deep and fully flavored but it also had the sweetness of cherries and dark chocolate in it. It was the perfect blend and it paired beautifully with some cheeses and breads that we were offered. They had such a wide variety of wines, we ended up buying so many of them! It is a must if you are staying on the New York side of the falls!
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Oysters // Apple Chutney Oysters (Guild House // Columbus, Ohio)
Not to be mean to Ohio, but after experiencing the amazing and diverse food of San Francisco for many years, I did not have very high expectations for Ohio. I was sorely mistaken. Chef Cameron Mitchell runs several of the most astonishing, world-renowned restaurants you could ever have the pleasure of dining at, all right in Columbus. Of his restaurants, The Guild House has to be our favorite. The atmosphere is awe-inspiring and adds a pleasurable touch to your already remarkable meal. We always like to start off with the apple chutney oysters. The oyster is served at the perfect temperature, with a diverse range of flavors from the fruitiness of the apples to the kick of Tabasco to the citrus of the lemon. Having eaten a lot of oysters in my day, this one still takes the cake. My only complaint is that you have too short an amount of time to enjoy the flavor. If you have room after be sure to get the variety donut platter, A and I always fight over who gets the Boston cream donut.

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Acai Bowl // Junior Acai Bowl (Café Brasil // Santa Cruz, California)
Growing up in Santa Cruz, acai bowls are a breakfast staple (I was shocked when I moved out east and no one knew what they were!). If you don’t know, acai berries are a berry from South America that are full of antioxidants and deliciousness and an acai bowl is when you blend the berries into a smoothie like consistency and serve it with fresh fruit and granola. The best one (in my opinion) is served at Café Brasil, a bright, adorable little café with a huge wait that is well worth it. Their acai bowl is smooth, cold and always the perfect texture. Their granola is baked fresh right there and crumbled perfectly on top with some extraordinarily fresh strawberries and bananas. Each bite has the perfect assortment of textures and is just the right balance of refreshing and satisfying. I always get the junior bowl and a side of bacon! It seems counterintuitive, but it really hits the spot!
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Lobster // Grilled Garlic Lobster (Fran’s // Caye Caulker, Belize)
Fran’s is one of the funkiest places we have ever eaten. On an island so small you can see water from all sides at most points, Caye Caulker does not have many dining options (hence the lack of website). Fortunately for all, there is Fran’s which is more hut than restaurant and serves seafood so fresh you can literally see the local fisherman come in and pass it off to the chef. Our honeymoon was just in time for the first two days of lobster season and we took full advantage. Fran cooks the lobsters herself on an open grill by your community style picnic tables. She gives everyone free rum and punch, garlic bread and some boss lemon cake with each order. As though the add-ons and pricing weren’t enough (it is $10 for the entire meal), the actual lobster itself is the best I have ever had. It is so fresh, soft and flaky it melts right in your mouth and every ounce of it has buttery, garlic burst of flavor. If you are ever on the island I strongly encourage a visit. (Plus her kid is hilarious and we spent a good chunk of our meal letting him play with our smart phones). 
What is the best thing that you have ever eaten?

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