Style Hero: Jack Antonoff

When it comes to my looks, the number one person I am told I resemble is Taylor Swift (which is a HUGE compliment). However, Antonio noticed the other day that when it comes to how I dress, my real twin is the wonderful Jack Antonoff (Lead singer/guitarist of Bleachers and lead guitarist of Fun as well as boyfriend to #girlboss/badass-bitch Lena Dunham). Antonio did some research and found some really funny resemblances in our Instagram streams!
Our matching navy/white varsity jackets
White tees and dark denim second layers
Stripey tees and baseball caps
The weirdest instance was when he posted this photo of him in a chambray jumpsuit THAT I WAS WEARING ON THE SAME DAY!!!!!!!
Anyways his awesome use of varsity jackets, simple black denim, funky socks, the all-mighty doc Martens and iconic Rick Moranis-esque glasses create a truly unique and fun personal style that I admire. I can only hope that we continue to twin it up for many years to come.

On a less fashion related note, here are some of the funniest Instagram feed coincidences!
Jack                                                              Annie
 Our matching “bars in austin” photos
Our epic equality shirts
 Our docs 🙂
Double Docs!
 Our mutual love (though his might be slightly stronger) for the fabulous Lena Dunham
 On stage badassery
Matching pot socks! 
 Jack frequently channels his inner Wayne Campbell as well
Screaming in our muscle tanks
Our matching shoulder shrugs and red striped tees 
And now an open letter to Jack Antonoff:
You rock, both onstage (you gave me true tears of joy/amazement at Lollapalooza ’14) and off!


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