Genuinely Cool Stuff 9.8.15

Hello everyone, happy Tuesday! Hope that you are having a lovely week. Here are my favorite little tid-bits that I found around the internet this week! This weeks links include: how to make your own hostess treats at home, how to throw a beer tasting party and how to wear high heels without pain!

1. Why Cara Delevingne quit the modeling industry
2. Seven Exercises that will transform your body
3. Love this idea for a beer tasting party (if only I liked beer… maybe for A’s birthday)
4. I was surprised how few people know my fave tip for wearing heels without pain
5. Desperately wanting this western rug for the house
6. Great tips for packing beauty products on a road trip
7. Love these iconic make at home hostess treats
8. How cute is Wildfox’s Italy themed collection

2 thoughts on “Genuinely Cool Stuff 9.8.15

  1. Miel and Mint says:

    I adore posts like this! Amazing one, girlie.
    Just popping in to say thank you for a sweet comment on my blog & come back any time 😉
    I am back from holiday so definitely will be updating properly and frequently (so many ideas- 2015 all sorted haha).
    Love your blog – will follow you right away – where is that Bloglovin' button & Twitter & all the rest 🙂
    xox Nadia


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