Breakfast Toast Four Ways

Typically, I fall into the “creature of habit” type personality when I don’t consciously force myself to try something new. It occurred to me the other day that I have eaten the EXACT same thing for breakfast everyday for the past two years (avocado on toast with cream cheese and garlic salt if you must know) and that that should probably change. I found this post on creative breakfast toasts a while back and it got me inspired to create some of my own! I love the portability and ease of toast in the morning but here are the four ways that I am spicing up my mornings!

1.    Almond butter, banana slices, chocolate, espresso beans and cane sugar on wheat
My college roommate got me addicted to these Trader Joe’sflavor grinders. There are so many different kinds and they are all amazing! This cane sugar, espresso bean and chocolate cracker adds just the right amount of sweetness to anything from cupcakes to breakfast. Paired with bananas and almond butter it is also a healthy and filling way to start the day.
2.    Avocado, cream cheese, Sriracha and jalapenos on sourdough
As anyone can tell you I am a spice addict (I seriously think I have a problem sometimes granted how serious the cravings get) and this toast perfectly fills that need. The avocados and cream cheese help to ground the spice and keep each bite tasting fresh and satisfying. Plus spicy food in the am is the perfect way to kick start your metabolism!

3.    Goat cheese, edamame, strawberries, and balsamic vinegar on rosemary sourdough
This is for the slightly more daring eaters as the taste is certainly acquired. If edamame is not your thing the toast without it tastes fine, however I think that it not only adds tons of protein and nutrients, it also adds a little flavor enhancement. The balsamic has just right amount of tang to couple well with the strawberries and the creaminess of the goat cheese.
4.    Pineapple, cottage cheese and pomegranate seeds on multigrain
Perfect for your morning sweet tooth, this toast has a great, very textural combination of citrusy sweetness and earthy grains. I always make sure that the toast is pretty crunchy so the cottage cheese doesn’t make it soggy!
What do you start your mornings off with?

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