10 Things You Should do Every Sunday Night

I just found out that not only is there is a name for the terrible feeling you get in your gut every Sunday night, the Sunday Night Blues, but I also discovered that it is a very common feeling (78% of Americans say they feel it). I recently read this article that listed what successful people do every Sunday night and while I found it really interesting, it actually got me even more stressed about the Sunday night blues! That is why I decided to craft a slightly more narrowed down list for my personal use that I think could also be beneficial for you guys. Here are the ten things that I have started doing every Sunday that start my week off right!

1. Relax and sleep in!!!
There is no better way to start your day than by getting a chance to properly recharge. I am a notorious morning person so I do not always adhere to this one by the average person’s standards, but for me sleeping in until 8:30am on a Sunday is a great way to wake up refreshed and still get some stuff done throughout the day.

2. Plan out your outfits for the week
I have done this since I was in middle school and it had always been a lifesaver. This isn’t practical for everyone but I know that if I left my outfit planning for weekday mornings than I would be late to work every single day! This is a great way to ensure that all your clothes are clean and ready to go and you will look put together everyday.

3. Tidy up your house
This is a huge one! Nothing is worse than starting a busy week off with a crazy messy house. I don’t do any major cleaning but I always declutter and reorganize anything that has gotten out of hand (meaning my office and the closet!). I also apply this mentality to every vacation A and I take. There is no greater feeling than coming home to a clean house after five hours in flight delays.

4. Wash your sheets and remake your bed
I loovveee hopping into bed early on Sunday and remembering that I am awesome and washed my bed and now I can sleep in lavender fields of joy.

5. Workout (No excuses!!!)
I like to go for my long run on Sundays while my sheets are in the dryer! I typically do a 50-70 minute run on Sundays but even just taking a flow yoga class or taking a long hike is beneficial. I always workout on Sunday mornings due to that fact that I can never bring myself to workout on a Monday. 

6. Plan your weekly meals (and grocery shop for them!)
After getting the house prepped and showering after my workout, I always like to plan our weekly meals and grocery list while my hair dries. This is a great way to save money save you extra trips to the store later in the week. If you need a template for your weekly meals you can use the one I made here!

7. Spend some quality time with your favorite people
For me, this is when A and I watch online church sermons from our hometown together but it can be anything with anyone close to you. Take a friend out for coffee, skype your parents or sort through some old photos with your significant other! Either way it is important to spend time together now since you might not get a chance during the week.
8. Go do something fun dammit
Go bowling, go see a matinee movie, go on a hike or do some crafts. The point of this is to give yourself something fun to focus on other than the looming dread of Monday morning. 

9. Finish any small nagging task (respond to emails, hang those curtains etc.)
I always clear out and resort my email inbox on Sunday and take care of any looming tasks. This prevents the “laying in bed at night making to-do lists” scenario I often find myself in. If you don’t have time to finish all your tasks (maybe you spent too long on point number 8!) make a to-do list before bed and tell yourself that once it is on paper you aren’t allowed to think about it anymore.

10. Unwind with a TV show or a good book
I like to watch something engaging like “House of Cards” or a great documentary that can keep me distracted. If you strictly follow the “no screens before bedtime rule” then pick up a book and accomplish some reading you have been neglecting!
Hope this makes for some wonderful weekends! What is your favorite Sunday ritual?

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