D.I.Y. Travel Momento Boxes

OK, confession time. I am a huge, huge hoarder. Don’t get me wrong, I am an incredibly organized hoarder and there is a place for everything I hoard so in that mind it doesn’t really matter because it is not messy. My biggest hoarding issues relate to memorabilia (no joke I just threw out a plane ticket from when I went to Seattle my senior year of high school). That is why I decided to create these sweet little memento boxes from all of my travels over the years! It was the cheapest D.I.Y. ever too, since I already had the small boxes and paper on hand!

Here is what you will need:
Top opening Box
Wrapping Paper
Ruler + Pen
Mementos to cherish forever
Step 1:

Take your top opening box (mine is a little ghetto because I turned it into a top opening box haha) and essentially just wrap it like a present! Keep in mind that on your tabs you will have to fold and cut the paper at the corners (as per the below image) and seal it with tape.
Step 2:
Using Adobe Illustrator, create a white rectangle (click the m button for the shortcut). One will be around 2.5″x3″ and the other 3×3″. Use the smaller one as a template for the scale of your desired instagram photo from your trip! Just make sure your insta photo is a perfect square (since we now finally have the option to stray from the square!) so that they fit inside your second box. The second box emulates the classic border or a polaroid so once you have printed them on photo paper be sure to cut around the outside of the border!

Step 3:

Cut a square piece of paper to a square of your liking (mine was 6×6″) and follow this tutorial for the instructions on crafting your very own miniature envelope. Using double stick tape, tape your envelope inside the lid of your memory box. (This will hold your tiny polaroids!) 
Step 4:
Then you simply place all of your beloved memorabilia and photos of your choice in your box! I also topped my favorite polaroid on the top of the box so I could differentiate each trip!
What is your favorite method of captivating your travel memories!?

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