Get Low

I have recently been noticing a huge interior decorating trend that I have been dying to try out! It seems to me that it has becoming increasingly common (especially in Scandinavian homes) to place frames, boxes, magazines and even bed frames directly on the floor. I have been pinning tons of images based off of this trend (see below) and I finally decided to bite the bullet and try it out in a few areas in our home. Needless to say both A and I were thrilled with the results!

I gathered some other inspiring photos for you here if the trend intrigues you!

And **drumroll please** here is what we chose to do with our space! I love that it makes our ceilings seem much higher and it agrees well with feng shui, which advises us not to store anything under the bed in order to enjoy sleep untroubled by psychic clutter stemming from miscellaneous mothballed objects!

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