Looking Cute While Running Morning Errands

Hello friends! I hope that you all had a wonderful weekend, I know I did! A and I finally got around to painting our living room (which is really hard when your cat jumps in the paint and runs around the house.twice.) and we are feeling so satisfied with the results (pictures to come). We only managed to sneak out of the house a few times and it was mostly to run errands. Either way I tried my best to look cute without having to put in any effort and here is what I wore to our early Sunday morning Trader Joe’s run!

Blouse (Kimchi Blue, old but similar here) Jeans (Hollister, available in high rise here) Beanie (F21 Men), Oxfords (Anyi Lu, patent leather version here), Bralette (Out From Under, similar here)

12 thoughts on “Looking Cute While Running Morning Errands

  1. Annie Abbey says:

    Thank you! I know it just took so much longer than I had pictured (our house is much bigger than my last apartment!) so I am just glad to be done! Can't wait to show everyone!


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