Genuinely Cool Stuff 10.20.15

Hello All! I hope that you are enjoying this lovely fall week! Columbus got so cold this week (it was in the 30’s!!!) so I definitely had plenty of time to scour the web to get some great links while snuggle up on the couch watching Friends with some hot tea! This week’s genuinely cool stuff post brings us: a list of the best rugs for under $300, some killer looking pumpkin soup, and my latest leather jacket obsession.

1. A helpful guide to productivity
2. These broccoli tater tots though…..
3. Love this free e-library of helpful worksheets and tips for my blogging friends out there!
4. The best rugs for under $300. I am drooling over the patterned brights!
5. How good does this garlic, sage, pumpkin, pesto soup look!?!?
6. Love this hilarious article interviewing 9 brides on what they actually did on their wedding nights
7. Obsessing over this bad-ass varsity jacket
8. A great D.I.Y. idea for making your own citronella candles!


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