Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

When it comes to my Halloween costumes, I typically start planning them in November…yes a little excessive I know, but it is my favorite holiday!!!! Today I am taking into consideration that some people out there are not as crazy about Halloween as I am and might find themselves stuck on the night of an impromptu Halloween party with no costume! Here are my five favorite costumes that you can throw together in just minutes!  


Throw on anything and everything pink and strike a pose. Boom. Instant Barbie.


Diane Keaton was so cute in Annie Hall of course you want to be her! Simply borrow a tie, suit vest and button down from your man or brother and add in some khakis and a hat! Simple as that!


This scene is so iconic everyone will know who you are! Simply cut out two circles from a white tank and where it over a purple or pink bra! I tried my best to emulate what she really wears in that scene too which is really easy (just a black skirt and black heels!). Ta-da!


Arguably one of the most famous scenes in movie history, this also happens to be one of the quickest Halloween costumes! Borrow a man’s shirt, some boxers and white socks, rock those wayfarers and you are Goodson to go (sorry I couldn’t help it).


I actually did this for a quick Halloween costume last year and it was so perfect! All you need is a fur coat, polo dress, a scoul, bobby pins and a cigarette! I really did heavy eyeliner too last year to make it more dramatic!

And that is it! What are you guys dressing up as this Halloween?

15 thoughts on “Five Last Minute Halloween Costumes

  1. Annie Abbey says:

    Thanks so much Vanessa! I love a good Woody Allen film! I also loved your last post on Costa Rica travel trips! I am planning to go on a surf retreat there later this year so those will come in handy!


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