Genuinely Cool Stuff 10.27.15

Hello friends! I hope that you are all enjoying these final Halloween moments and are prepping your costumes and delicious treats and beverages! Amidst all the holiday chaos and packing for our cabin retreat this weekend (more to come on that!) I found time to gather these awesome links from across the interwebs this week. This week’s links include: the coolest pumpkin planter I’ve ever seen, some itty-bitty Halloween milkshakes, and why you should subscribe to the Lenny newsletter!

1. Love this guide to different superfoods and their benefits
2. These desktop wallpapers are currently brightening up my macbook screen
3. How rad is this pumpkin succulent planter
4. Obsessed with this slip cast cloud vase
5. How cute are these itsy-bitsy monster milkshake jars
6. Currently craving these pickled carrot, hummus sandwiches
7. Just signed up for Lenny, Lena Dunham’s amazing feminist newsletter, see the video here!
8. Really into this post on outfits you can plan around leather boots


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