Genuinely Cool Stuff 11.3.15

Hello all! Hope that you all had a lovely Halloween and that you are ready to put Thanksgiving on the brain (I know I am!). Anyways, here are some of my favorite things that I managed to find on the internet this week including: the cutest collection of fashion keychains ever, a very useful guide on how to look good in pictures, and an absolutely mouthwatering danish recipe!

1. How crazy is it that Restoration Hardware is opening it’s own hotel!?
2. Gotta love this collection of teeny tiny keychain charms
3. Loving this cute little list of activities to do this weekend inspired by vintage clothes
4. I could reallllllly use this guide on how to look good in pictures haha
5. I am obsessed with this tiny crocodile figurine! (Will someone please buy this for me!?)
6. Doormat shopping and this one seems to be perfect
7. This wedding seating chart guide could have saved me a lot of time two years ago….
8. I made these cream cheese danishes last weekend and they were a huge hit with our friends


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