Super Fast D.I.Y. Fur Pom Pom Beanie

In case you haven’t noticed from my previous post I am basically Agnes from Despicable Me and I die over anything fluffy, which is why I got so frustrated when I couldn’t find a fur pom-pom beanie that I really liked that was also affordable. So in the true D.I.Y. spirit I decided to make my own pom pom to attach to my beanie and just to make it more awesome I made it removable so I can add it to whichever beanie I may choose on any given day! Read below for all the details!

(Gif via giphy)
Any standard beanie of your choice (I used this one here)
Faux Fur (enough to make a circle 7″ in diameter)
Cotton balls or fur scraps to stuff your pom pom 
A needle and thread
A safety pin

This D.I.Y. is so simple I can hardly call it a tutorial, but all you have to do is take your needle and thread and weave your thread through the edges of your circle.

Then pull the thread taught and fill the inside with either cotton balls, fur scraps or batting, whatever will help stuff the pom pom to keep its shape. Then once your thread is knotted all you have to do is pin the pom pom to your beanie of choice! And that is it!!! Put on your new creation and rock it!
 Jonah wanted to say hi to my beanie with his whole face.

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