Boucle Biker Jacket

When I was a styling intern at Nordstrom, it is fair to say that half of my paycheck went right back into their store every month. This was right about the time that I got really into reading blogs, and I would pour through the internet picking out outfits I liked and buy items in an attempt to recreate them. This Hinge boucle biker jacket was one of my favorite purchases (it has since sold out but there is a similar oneย here) and I still wear it all the time. It was perfect to wear out to a nice brunch while our friend Matt is visiting!

High Waisted Shorts (Abercrombie, similar here), Button Down (Calvin Klein), Oxfords (Anyi Lu, patent leather edition here) Tights (Forever 21) and I just have to say that these tights were $5 and I haven’t gotten a hole in them in 3 years!


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