Genuinely Cool Stuff 11.24.15

Hello buddies! Happy turkey week! I trust that you are all ready for some much deserved time away from work at home with your loved ones! Here are a few links to distract you until Thursday rolls around. This weeks links include how to eat more greens every day,a great apple pie jello shot recipe, and the raddest velvet catsuit on earth.

1. How to eat more greens daily (this will be much needed after I gorge myself Thursday)
2. Craving this amazing looking gingered carrot bisque
3. Here are some great tips for any fellow food photographers out there
4. A much needed Thanksgiving timeline for those of you hosting!
5. Love this super fast hair tutorial…maybe I’ll try it for Thanksgiving dinner 🙂
6. Is it weird to serve jello shots at Thanksgiving? Not in my family!
7. OK who is going to buy me this velvet catsuit? Come on…any takers?
8. And finally fifteen super easy last minute Thanksgiving D.I.Y.s


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