D.I.Y Tee Collaboration with Bramble + Lace

Hello guys! I hope that you are all having a wonderful Friday and are enjoying your post Thanksgiving food comas! Today I am really excited to bring you a collaboration I have been working on with Zoë Fitzgerald of Bramble + LaceZoë is an Australian blogger who has amazing D.I.Y. tutorials and fashion inspiration, and today she is bringing us her take on a D.I.Y. tee (you can see my take on it here). Without further adieu, here is the ever so lovely Zoë of Bramble and Lace!

Hello! My name’s Zoë and I blog over at Bramble and Lace. I am SUPER DUPER excited to be here on Annie’s wonderful blog today to share a quick, simple DIY with you- a stitched neckline to liven up an old t-shirt! This is a really easy way to add a splash of colour into your wardrobe while still keeping it minimal and can really spruce up an otherwise plain outfit. Enjoy!

  • A plain coloured t-shirt without a collar
  • embroidery thread in colours of your choice
  • thin sewing needle
  • tailor’s chalk (optional) 
1// First, I planned out a simple repeated pattern for how I wanted the stitch detailing to look. You can gather some inspiration by googling ‘simple stitch ideas’ or just make it up as you go along! You can really get creative with this and incorporate any stitches you like, but for this tutorial I decided to go for a cross pattern as well as some straight stitching.
2// I began by making a short diagonal line consisting of about 5 stitches right at the edge of my neckline. I then looped the thread back around and made another diagonal line to make a cross pattern. I repeated this all along the front of the neckline. You can use tailor’s chalk to help you map this out and get nice uniform lines.
3// An important thing to note when doing the cross stitching is to make sure that all your loops are at the bottom part of the cross, ie. the part of the cross furthest from the open neckline. When I first started out I did the loops at the top, but quickly realised they were visible above the neckline!
4// Next, I did a straight stitch along the base of the crosses in an alternate colour. To make this look like a uniform, continuous line, I made sure to not leave any spaces between my stitches. The t-shirt will most likely already have stitching around the collar, so I used this as a guide and simply stitched over the existing stitches.
5// I then repeated step 4 about 5mm below the first line.

6// Knot all your loose thread and cut off any excess. And you’re done, woohoo!!

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