Genuinely Cool Stuff 12.1.15

OK guys, we are officially in full swing holiday season!!! Hip hip hooray for the most wonderful time of the year (aside from Halloween of course!). This month is going to be a hectic, jam-packed, non stop traveling crazy-train, but of course being me I am so looking forward to it. I have a lot of really epic posts and collaborations to come. For now, please enjoy these lovely little nuggets of wisdom and in insight from around the web including: the greatest pie stencil ever, tips for being healthy when you sit at a desk all day, and a recipe for spicy, crispy tofu strips. Enjoy! xo

1. I love this guide on how to avoid winter hair malfunctions
2. Wishing I’d found this pie stencil for Thanksgiving but gonna use it at Christmas for sure!
3. This ten minute lower body workout is the perfect post-thanksgiving fix
4. Super cute guide on how to organize your life with pouches
5. How to wear a turtleneck like it’s not 1989
6. Really helpful tips on how to stay healthy when you sit at a desk all day
7. Desperate to make this spicy crispy breaded tofu
8. Excited to have just started one stories on this list of thirty memoirs you have to read


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