New Take on The Advent Tree

With today being the first of December and all that jazz, I thought it would be the perfect time to show you all how we took a slightly more modern take on the advent tree. This project only took me about twenty minutes (excluding baking the treats to go inside the baggies of course!) and we absolutely love the vibe that it adds to our living room! Read on for the super fast tutorial below!

Tiny White Paper Bags (I used these ones here)
25 Clothespins
Twine or Rope
Painters Tape
Sticker Numbers
Treats to go inside your baggies!
Open all the bags and start sticking on your numbers on in order (1-25). I used a few different kinds of stickers to make it a little more eclectic, but it is up to you! 


Measure out your rope to accommodate all the bags and determine where it will be placed on your wall. Adhere the rope or twine to your wall with painter’s tape, be sure to knot the ends of the rope as mine slipped through the tape without this. I would also suggest using two pieces of painter’s tape just to be safe (it depends on how much candy you put in each baggie too.)


Now all you do is clip each baggie to the rope using a clothespin and pop in your candies! (I made this toffee recipe and these almonds and alternated the candies between each bag!) A is already looking forward to splitting up our candies every night after dinner.

Do you have any alternate takes on the traditional advent tree?

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