Your Holiday Season Calorie Chart

We all know how hard keeping our health in check can be during the holiday season. Between office parties, cookie exchanges and eating Christmas candy and irish coffee for breakfast, the holidays are bound to be a bit of a calorie pitfall. To be honest, this time comes only once a year and I personally believe it is OK to indulge yourself a bit, but in case you want a reference point I created the below chart so we don’t forget how many calories can be concealed in such tiny, tasty holiday treats! Also don’t forget that alcohol is a sneaky culprit and just one white russian can contain over 800 calories!!!

What is your go-to holiday indulgence?


22 thoughts on “Your Holiday Season Calorie Chart

  1. Laura Scott says:

    Yikes! Some of these are so high in calories! I think that's where home baking comes in useful and making your own festive warm drinks! A highlights hot chocolate is around 45 calories, stick some marshmellows on top, and have a naked chocolate bar. That's under 250 calories for the drink and the snack πŸ™‚

    Laura x


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