Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints

As most of you know, my husband I have been together since high school, but we have only been married for a little over a year. Getting married is the best decision we ever made, but there are a lot of interesting adjustments that come with it that you wouldn’t normally think about. For instance, people typically start asking about when babies will be on the way before you even get to your wedding reception and friends seem to think that you are now somehow incredibly responsible young adults (so, so, incorrect).

I think the oddest encounter we have had so far was when last year a few family members were surprised that we didn’t send out a holiday card. In my mind, holiday cards are for families with real babies (not just the fur kind) and who have been married for significant period of time. The realization that we now were a family and should probably send cards made me both glad and stressed. It is nice to know that A and I are truly family now, but holiday cards have always seemed so daunting! 
Fear not though my friends, because with the help of Tiny Prints, A and I were able to photograph, address, package and send holiday cards to all of our loved ones over the course of a few hours. Their website is so easy to use and you can even get your own return address stickers so that you don’t have to hand write it each time! 
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This post is sponsored by Tiny Prints, all opinions are my own.

6 thoughts on “Holiday Cards from Tiny Prints

  1. Annie Abbey says:

    Haha I know what you mean about speed (I texted my friend a picture of the cards before mailing him one!) but I think there is something so sentimental and special about cards that you just cannot get through technology! 🙂 Thanks for stopping by Julia!


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