Genuinely Cool Stuff 12.8.15

Is it just me or does it seem like this week is just dragging on! Perhaps it is because I am already getting way too excited for all the holiday madness to come this weekend and our upcoming trip back home to California. Either way, I have spent lots of time rummaging through the internet this week in hopes of killing all the time I can until Friday!!!! This week’s genuinely cool stuff post includes: tips for entertaining in a studio apartment, how to work your way to abs without crunches, and some travel websites you need to bookmark now. Enjoy xo

1. As an avid traveler, I was surprised I only currently use 2 of these useful travel websites
2. How sweet are these unique D.I.Y. gift wrapping patterns!?
3. Wishing I’d known these tips for entertaining in a studio apartment when I lived in one!
4. Ten Stocking Stuffers for the cook in your life
5. Just looking at Magnus Nilsson’s new cookbook is making me hungry…
6. I have to make these sweet little D.I.Y. hand warmers before real winter kicks in!
7. Tips for getting abs without crunches? I’m in.
8. Dear Santa, these boots pleaseeeeee


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