D.I.Y. Holiday Gift Wrap Three Different Ways

As a kid one of my all time favorite things in the world was wrapping gifts, it was right on par with getting new pencils and binders at the beginning of the school year. As I have grown older, the magic I find in wrapping has not faded, in fact some might argue that it has even gotten worse! I spent most of the other weekend practicing different wrapping techniques, and I thought that I would share my three favorites with you guys! Read on for some wrapping ideas that are on point this holiday season!


For a rustic and nostalgic feeling gift, I used a simple template (last seen in this post here) to create cute little vintage feeling “polaroids” of whomever the recipient is. Then I just wrapped the gift in some super cute brown craft paper that I already had lying around and added a sprig of pine and some brown twine to keep everything in place. Ta-da! Super fast and really cute vintage inspired gift wrapping.


How many times have you gone to wrap a gift like socks or mittens only to realize that you don’t have a box to put it in? I have definitely been in that pickle at least…three times…but still nothing looks worse than wrapping it without a box right?! Wrong. When you make your gift wrap a three dimensional shape like this genius did here it is so much more fun and it saves the waste of a box! I used colored embroidery thread and upped my stitch size to make it a little more fun!


I got an awesome multi shape hole punch for Christmas one year and it has been such a lifesaver. I used it here to create a cute little row of trees to wrap around my gift. I also added a quick little folded 3D name-tag! I felt that when paired with this darling antler paper the finished product was pretty dang cute!

Does anyone have any other wrapping ideas?

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