Tipsy and Toasty Christmas Party

Happy. Freaking. Friday. Is it just me or did it seem like this week would never end? There has just been so much going on (and I thought the holidays were stressful before I started blogging!) that I have lost track of the important things…like washing my hair and eating real food…or the fact that I forgot I’m throwing a Christmas party this weekend. Oops.

OK. *Composes self* Whenever I throw a party I try to focus on the things that people will care about the most first, which is typically food and drinks. So for our little fete tomorrow I thought I would share the menu plan I whipped up, but also give you a quick snapshot of our tablescape that I managed to bust out last night! It came out so much cuter than I had imagined and I am proud to say it was super easy to construct. I also included a little snapshot of the invites we had made by Tiny Prints. I love how modern they are and that they don’t shout “CHRISTMAS!!!” in bright red and green letters!  
Libations: Mulled Wine // Jello Shots
Desserts: Twix Cookies // Toffee // Candied Almonds

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