Last Minute D.I.Y. Christmas Gift Ideas

When it comes to gift giving I consider myself to be an expert. I always write out a detailed list of who I am giving a gift to and the specifications of said gift. And while I love the act of planning what gifts I am making and giving, sometimes there are things that fall through the cracks and I find myself in a tricky spot. Fear not, below are some super quick D.I.Y.s that I you can make in no time and everyone is sure to love!
For this little treasure, all you have to do is grab a plain white mug from Goodwill and some porcelain paint and a little painter’s tape. Then just tape off whatever pattern you would like and fill in the desired areas with your paint. Then just wait for the paint to dry and boom! Gift done! Your recipient will appreciate a handmade gift that is also useable!


I already had some spare rope hanging around after this D.I.Y. so I decided to create a heftier version of these rope coasters I saw a few months back! Emily masters the tutorial of this so I won’t confuse you with my haphazard summary. Essentially I made five of these in under 15 minutes and they look awesome and work wonderfully!


I have seen versions of this for sale in a lot of stores but it has always seemed outlandishly expensive! I chose to do my own version here since it is homier and much more cost effective, plus my hot cocoa recipe kicks the store-bought version’s ass! All I did was buy this sealed jar from Goodwill (can you beat a gorgeous jar for under a dollar!?) and fill it with my super special hot cocoa mix. Then I decorated it with a sweet little bow, a cute little sticker for the front, and another instructional sticker on the back so they recipient knows how to make the hot cocoa!

Get the front sticker here // Get the dairy recipe here // Get the Vegan recipe here!

What are your standby holiday gift D.I.Y.s?


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