Stripes and Denim in Cincinnati

A and I took a quick trip to Cincinnati the other weekend for a very brief romantic getaway! We went right after Thanksgiving so it was nice to get a little break in there, and also a bomb trip to IKEA on the way home! We were both shocked at how hip and fun Cincy was (neither of us had ever been before) and really enjoyed eating at Hang Over Easy, a hangover themed hipster friendly restaurant! It was such a blast!

This look is what I chose to wear for our full day of fun (more to come on that later). I am obsessed with stripes and this H&M striped top has been at the top of my favorites list for roughly three years. It paired perfectly with this leather skirt and DIY denim jacket (remember this guy) to keep the look from getting too plain Jane. It was nice that it wasn’t too cold while we were there since I got to bust out the tall socks instead of tights! 🙂


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