Genuinely Cool Stuff 12.22.15

Hello All! I hope everyone is having just as fantastic of a week as I am. Being home always puts me in the best of moods and A and I have been having nonstop fun! From surfing, to birthday parties, to a friend’s graduation, we have been on a never ending fun train, but fear not. I have still managed to round up my favorite links from across the internet this week, including: The most helpful collection of baking charts ever, one of the funniest and most accurate videos I have seen in awhile, ย and the most festive bonbons you’ve ever seen!

1. Such a wonderful collection of street style pictures from London fashion week
2. This video about being an Instagram Husband is so on point (poor A!)
3. A useful guide to packing for a trip to the snow
4. A few great workout moves to build a better butt
5. Loving this kick ass list of eighteen two-ingredient cocktails
6. This Buzzfeed article is full of a zillion useful baking charts
7. I am obsessed with these festive Bailey’s no bake bonbons
8. Contemplating snagging this bag for New Year’s Eve


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