Genuinely Cool Stuff 12.29.15

Hello everybody! I sincerely hope that each of you had a wonderful Christmas filled with food, family and fun. Our Christmas was so wonderful, but between the flying home and the nonstop partying, we have been pooped this week! Either way we are taking comfort in the fact that we can rest a little bit this week until we get to party it up again on Friday! Until then here are the best links I found around the internet including: An interview with the fabulous Accidental Icon, a super fast and fun half braid, and a compilation of the best meal plans for runners of all types. 
Enjoy xo

1. A fascinating interview with the endlessly impressive author behind Accidental Icon
2. The best foods to eat to refuel your body after a workout
3. This guide to detoxing after a hectic weekend came in very handy yesterday…
4. How good does this creamy pumpkin polenta look!?
5. How to start a business from your bedroom with no money
6. How cozy and cute is this checked wool cardigan
7. I’m all about this super cute, lazy, half braid
8. Loving these detailed meal plans for runners of all kinds


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