Black and Blue in DL1961 Denim

When I was in college I worked in retail at Nordstrom. One of the best experiences I ever had there was when I won a selling contest for DL1961. I worked my butt off for two days straight just so that I could win a pair of their fantastic and inexplicably comfortable denim. Know what my sales pitch was? I actually proved to customers that the denim was comfortable and stretchy enough for me to easily do squats in. No surprise that that trick led to me selling over ten pairs of their newest jean by the end of day one!

OK, rambling/bragging over. Moral of the story is that I have been a long-time advocate for the brand and I could not be more excited that I am teaming up with them to showcase some of their newest and coolest styles. The pair I am wearing here is called the Florence (in Firestorm wash) and contains their instasculpt technology, which is engineered to sculpt your legs, butt and waist, all while providing superior comfort and shape retention. If that is not something everyone wants, I don’t know what is!

Coat (Abercrombie, sold out similar here), Scarf (Thrift, similar here), Sweater (Hollister, sold out similar here), Sunnies (Thrift, similar here), Hat, (Thrift, similar here), Bag (Tommy Hilfiger), Boots (Forever 21, sold out similar here), 

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