Genuinely Cool Stuff 1.5.16

Hello everyone and happy first Tuesday of 2016! I hope that everyone had an amazing New Years and a wonderful week so far! This week has already been so good for me, I am always glad to start a new year and leave the past behind. Anyways I hope that you are all feeling fresh and rejuvenated as well and you are ready for some genuinely cool links! This week’s links are include: fourteen easy braids, how to save yourself from a hangover and thirty inspiring Instagram flat lay ideas!

1. Loving this list of 14 easy to do braids
2. Twelve chicken recipes to help keep you healthy
3. While a little belated, this guide to how to avoid a NYE hangover is still totally useful
4. I am #obsessed with these thick, stacking, yellow gold rings
5. Thirty inspiring Instagram flat-lays
6. How to make your own D.I.Y. clay drawer knobs
7. Some great tips on how to avoid key fashion mistakes
8. I am all about these D.I.Y. coconut almond “Kind” bars

Enjoy the rest of your Tuesday! xx


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