New Year New Me

To me, there is no feeling quite as refreshing as the beginning of a new year, it is a blank slate and that always seems to provide me with an extra burst of energy. I am starting to notice a trend that every year on January first I purchase all of the things that I think I will need for a more mentally and physically healthy year. The first is also the best day to purchase all my “new year new me items” for two reasons; one is that if I buy something I will feel much more obligated to use it and the second is that every other day in January A and I block out as a “no-spend day” to compensate for the holiday spending! It is truly the only day to buy and it feels like a great decision every time! #noragrets

Read on below for all of the magically little bits and bobs that I am purchasing for a healthier, happier me!

1. Juicer: I can’t believe that I didn’t own a juicer till this year! I am so pumped for this thing to arrive because I am thinking about doing a three day juice cleanse! There is a lot of prep involved in that but until that day comes, I am going to try to drink green juice as my morning snack a few times a week! It is a delicious way to squeeze in some extra veggies.
2. YogaGlo Membership: My sister-in-law turned me onto this website and it has to be my new favorite thing! The website features a zillion different pre-recorded yoga classes for a monthly fee and there is no cap to how many you can watch! The other day I watched a power yoga video that made me so sore and the next day I looked up “sore muscle relief” and did some of those classes as well! It also includes guided meditation classes which I have found immensely helpful for sleeping.
3. Kate Spade Planner: I am an obsessive planner and I write everything down in my planner. It is seriously one of my favorite things to get a new planner (how lame I know) and map out my new year! This year there are a lot of trips, big plans and huge changes coming so I will need all the help and space I can get!
4. Veggie Spiralizer: I have always been a huge fan of zucchini “pasta” but the way that I make it (using a vegetable peeler) is so time consuming that I rarely make it. This spiralizer does all the work for you and it is perfect for making quick and healthy dinners on weeknights.
5. Sport Swimsuit: It might not be the sexiest thing in the world, but there is nothing more traumatizing than your top falling off while you swim laps. This bad boy will help keep everything in its place and will hopefully be so aerodynamic that I can swim even faster! 
6. The Life Changing Magic of Tidying Up: I have heard a lot of incredible things about this book and while I do not consider myself a messy person, I can be a bit of a hoarder when it comes to storing or saving craft supplies. The goal of this book is to get rid of all of your clutter in one fell swoop and then you won’t be messy anymore because you have a system implemented. It sounds fantastic and I would love to test out this theory.
7. Glass Bottle Sets: When I start my daily juicing habit I will need something to carry my juices into work with right? This inexpensive set of glass bottles is the perfect way to prep and store all of my juices so I can craft them ahead of time.
8. Sivan Yoga Kit: With a YogaGlo membership there comes the issue of not having all the correct supplies. While I do have one small matt, a lot of the videos require yoga blankets, blocks and straps as well. I don’t want anything to stand in my path to yoga so I will be totally ready to go with this decked out yoga package.
9. Low Impact Sports Bra: I have tons of high-impact sports bras for running, but those are a little uncomfortable and pretty unnecessary for lower impact workouts like yoga and pilates. Plus I love the cute little design details and the pop of color!
What are you purchasing to create a healthier new year?

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