What’s in My Bag?

I always need a huge bag for travel or just carrying all of my crap in general, but that always seems to lead to a jumbled mass of unidentified objects stuck in the bottom of my purse. It wasn’t until last year that I started on the effective new strategy of carrying a bag within my bag! Not only is it a brilliant deterrent for cluttered mess in your purse, it also makes switching purses in and out very easy!  

What’s in My Bag?

1. The Bag: I got this huge Tommy Hilfiger tote (similar here) for my last trip to the airport because I was so sick of trying to cram my life into a tiny handbag. This thing has all the pockets and now I am kind of addicted to it’s ridiculous scale that so wonderfully accommodates all the crap I can’t live without.
2. Keys: Because my Fiat isn’t going to drive itself!
3. Wallet: This coach wallet was the first thing I bought when I got my first full-time job. While I would now choose to opt for a non-leather wallet, this purchase is still one of my favorites since it is so sturdy and holds all my things perfectly! Also if I go out at night, I sometimes just use it as a purse since it is so fancy and big!
4. Water Bottle: I don’t know about you, but I go through about eight of these water bottles a day! I drink like a fish and I find it very important to the environment that I refill this guy instead of wasting plastic bottles! #BringYourOwn
5. Notepad: I am always thinking up shopping lists or things I need to remember. Call me old fashioned, but I just prefer to write things down physically because helps me remember for some reason.

6. Glasses and Case: I always have my glasses in my bag because I have experienced losing a contact in the middle of the day enough to know that they are necessary to have at the ready! (I once lost my contact while we were camping and left my glasses at home, talk about a disaster for someone who is legally blind!). Anyways these Ray-Bans are my absolute favorite and they are the perfect shape for my face.

7. Sunglasses: I have blue eyes that are very sensitive to sunlight so even when it is cloudy I have these bad boys on hand.
8.Sunglasses Case: I never used to keep my sunglasses in a case and I would always find them mangled and scratched at the bottom of my bag. This case is an easy way for me to always be able to locate my sunglasses and keep them scratch free.
9. Extra Phone Charger: Because 99% of the time I forget to charge my phone….
10. Headphones: Whether I am going to hit the gym after work, or I just want to listen to music on my walk to my car, these little buddies are always in my bag.

11. EOS Lip Balm (In pomegranate Raspberry, my personal favorite!): E.O.S. lip balm is amazing and perfect, to say the least! Their flavors are always fun and new and the packaging makes it super easy to find as well as easy to apply. Their lip balms always leave my lips smooth and luscious (never greasy) and the relief lasts longer than other balms I have tried. For these cold winter days it is a real lifesaver! 
12. Emergency Bag: This little buddy carries all the junk that I don’t want rolling around in my bag, but that I always want to have on hand! See below for my specifics 🙂

What’s in My Emergency Bag?

1. Tampons: Because duh.
2. Ibuprofen: I am not a fan of popping pills with any sort of frequency, but you just never know when you’ll get a sudden headache or severe cramps.
3. Bandaids: You just never know when you’re going to stub your toe or stab yourself with a pen. Mine are Star Wars themed because I am an adult.
4. Hand Mirror: I use my phone’s camera sometimes, but there is something so much more accurate about checking your hair and makeup (or look for spinach in your teeth) in a real mirror.
5. Hair Ties: I hate having hair ties on my wrist because they gross me out when they get wet after washing your hands! I do have them available in my bag at all times though in case I forget on my way to the gym, or it is just windy and I have lipgloss on.
6. Pen: Because this helps for writing down the aforementioned notes.
7. Hand Sanitizer: I am by no stretch of the imagination a germaphobe, but it is nice to have on hands for others or in case I touch something sticky and I am not near a sink.
8. Oil Absorbing Sheets: I discovered these things in high school and man are they a life saver for oily days. My skin tends to get an undesirable shine by around three pm and these guys are the perfect quick solution without having to smudge (or add) any makeup.

9.  Eye Drops: I always have these on hand (especially in winter or allergy season) because they can really help to brighten your face and make you look more awake and put together.
10. Lipstick #1: I typically carry two different shades to better my chances of it coordinating with my outfit! This guy is one of my faves, it is called Revlon’s Iced Mocha.
11.Travel Size Lint Roller: I have a cat and I know that he loves to rub himself all over me the second I am about to leave for work. It is always nice to have one on hand in case of pet hair or a sweater that sheds more than you’d care to deal with.
12. Perfume: I always carry perfume on hand because I sometimes forget to put it on in the morning or I worry that I smell after working a long day. This one my Step Mom had made for me in Las vegas as a Christmas gift! I love it because it is a little musty but also light and floral 🙂
13. Lipstick #2: Again depending on what you are wearing it is nice to have options. I love a classic red like MAC’s Matte Collection Ruby Woo.
14. Concealer: I am not the kind of girl who carries all of her makeup around with her, but concealer is great to have on hand in case you get a zit right before a meeting. It is just a nice thing to have in case of emergencies!
15. Multi Tool: Blame it on my boy scout brothers, but I never feel truly comfortable unless I have a utility tool with me. I love this one from J-Crew for its sleek design and cool, durable finish. You just never know when you will need to cut open a box or screw your license plate frame back onto your car (personal experience). 
16. Snacks: I may or may not have a tendency to get hangry if I don’t eat, having snacks like almonds or chocolate readily available keeps my spirits up when I’m out running errands and stops me from hitting up the drive-thru!

Whew! So did I miss anything? What do you carry in your “emergency kit”?

This post is in collaboration with E.O.S. lip balm and Klean Kanteen, all opinions are my own.


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