Genuinely Cool Stuff 1.19.16

Hello friends! Last week I did not get a chance to bring you any cool links from around the internet because I was too busy giving you guys free lip balms and denim (don’t fret, you can still enter today!). Anyways, this week we are are back with the best things that I have found around the internet in two weeks! Boom even better! This week’s genuinely cool stuff links include: a collection of the 22 best smoothie recipes you’ve ever seen, a killer Ikea hack for the Tarva dresser, and six ways to make your work habits healthier!

1. Caramel candy making 101 from the all knowing Martha    (
2. Loving this list of 22 simple smoothie recipes    (
3. Totally obsessed with this breathtaking bohemian home    (
4. I am always such a sucker for Ikea hacks    (
5. Some stunning layered winter looks from New York Fashion Week   (
6. Here is what a perfect workday for your brain looks like    (
7. A well needed list of ten things that every small kitchen needs    (
8. How great is this guide to making your own clay knobs!?    (


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