Faux Fur in Freezing Temperatures

OK so remember when I said I was happy for the cold to hit? I lied. These nine degree days are killing me and without the beautiful blanket of snow to differ my attention I am dying! 
Either way, this faux fur, vintage coat I bought at the from Haus of Heathers Columbus Flea last fall has been the most brilliant investment I have ever made! The coat is comfy, warm as can be, and perfect for layering over looks that might not have been the wisest decision otherwise (come on Annie, how realistic are exposed ankles in -1 degree winds?). Paired with my favorite pair of mom jeans and a super-slim, mega-cozy turtleneck!
Coat (Vintage, similar here), Slim Turtleneck (Hollister), Mom Jeans (Abercrombie, sold out similar here), Oxfords (Anyi Lu, patent leather version here), Beanie (Forever 21)

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