Genuinely Cool Stuff 1.26.16

Hello friends! I hope that everyone had the loveliest of lovely weekends and that Monday treated you well. This week seems to be dragging on, but that might be because I leave for Mexico on SATURDAY!!! EEEE. Believe you me, A and I could seriously use this vacation!

Anyways, let’s get this show on the road and get you guys this week’s genuinely cool stuff post! This week’s post includes a great Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. craft, a helpful tax guide for bloggers, and how to get a killer golden smokey eye!

1. This D.I.Y. Instagram photo book is perfect for Valentine’s Day // Creme De La Craft
2. A fabulous beginners guide to going vegan // The New Potato
3. Its officially tax season and here is how to do your taxes as a blogger // Coco and Chic
4. Super helpful guide to creating your own honey cocktails // By Gabriella
5. A killer “golden smokey eye” tutorial // LuLus
6. I am drooling over these mini coconut donuts // Chokolat Pimienta
7. Lusting after this “Support Your Local Girl Gang Tee” // Nasty gal
8. Drawing some inspiration for my future home office // Apartment Therapy


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