In-Flight Cocktail Kit D.I.Y.

Hello, hello, hello. Today I am bringing you one of my favorrritee D.I.Y.s that I have ever done. I have recently been seeing a ton of these in flight cocktail kits like this one, and as cool as they are I really have no reason to drop that much money on something that is definitely not a necessity. However, when A’s birthday popped up a few weeks back I knew that this would be something that he would love. Being the classy man he is, he likes to travel in style when we adventure. Also he really likes drinking. All signs pointed to it but I still couldn’t justify the hefty price-tag so I found a way to create my own! I used materials that I already had in our home and even recycled some of the containers from our Blue Apron meals. The best part? Our’s comes with snacks….and liquor that we snuck onto our flights! Take that FAA regulations that force us to buy an absurd number of tiny alcoholic beverages!

A metal tin to hold everything
A few tiny plastic or glass bottles (make sure they fit in aforementioned tin)
One super small snack baggie
One medium snack baggie
A straw
A tiny metal spoon
A vial for your bitters
Double Sided tape
Your Free Printables!!!


Wash out your tin and vial and wipe them clean. Then, print your tin cover, recipe card, snack label, and decorative card onto cardstock paper (letter size). Also print your bitters label at this time onto adhesive sticker paper (making sure the sticker can fit on your vial).


Fill your vial with bitters, and fill your tiny bottles with your Bourbon (if you choose to make an old fashioned, you could also do a gin and tonic!). I used recycled bottles from my last Blue Apron delivery. At this time also fill your small snack baggie with sugar.
Wrap your tin in your cover and attach it with double stick tape on the interior. Attach the decorative card to the inside of your tin (this serves no purpose other than being really cute looking!). Then (making sure there is no residue on the outside) wrap your bitters label around the vial. Now you can make your candied almonds (I used this recipe) and throw them in the medium snack baggie, and attach their label with double sided tape.


Finally all you do is place all of the remaining bits and bobs inside your tin and get it ready to wow the person that you love enough to make this for! It is such a thoughtful gift and we had a real blast using it on our last flight!

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