The Instagram Awards

With awards season fully upon us, I thought that it would only be appropriate for me to do a post featuring my own awards for my favorite Instagram accounts. I was really slow to adopt Instagram into my life (my account has only been active for some three years), but that doesn’t mean it hasn’t become an absolute obsession. I am so in love with scrolling through all the beautiful images that pop up in my feed, but some definitely stand out amongst the others. That is why I decided to do a full blown round-up of my favorite Instagram accounts by category, covering everything from funniest to fuzziest to most awesome! Read on below for my all time favorites!

The Most Awesome : @thegaybeards
The awesome level of this account goes without saying. It is literally just two guys in Portland who stuff random brightly colored things into their perfectly groomed beards. The pictures are so well photographed and are totally hilarious to beat. Plus the bright palette is so intense it is always a breath of fresh air into my insta feed.
 Best Boho Style : @jenspiratebooty
This account is perfect for when your wanderlust takes over and your inner mermaid wants out. The account is chock full of stunning ethereal looks from Jen’s Pirate Booty boutique, a kickass boutique in Los Angeles. They are refreshing, fun and breathtaking to say the least.
 Funniest : @textsfromyourex
This account is a real gem that my friend Stephanie introduced to me. Basically as the name suggests, this account is made up exclusively of screenshots of awesome text conversations with people’s exes. It is such a simple but hilarious concept!
The Best Foodporn : @howsweeteats
*Proceeds to start drooling* This account is so mouthwatering that it almost brinks on torturous. Jessica Merchant manages to make her account a perfectly manicured photo of some of the best sounding food you have ever heard. The light, bright backgrounds and sweet and savory foods will keep you double tapping each photo like a stalker.
 The Fuzziest : @thedogist
Someone told me that this account was like Humans of New York, but for dogs. Man was she right. The photos are of dogs taken on the street, doggie street-style if you will, and man are they cute. There is such a wide variety of pups on here you are bound to fall in love. 

Best Street Style : @thriftsandthreads
Brittney Xavier’s account is full of all the denim, boots and bad-assery that we all wish we could achieve. She is edgy and cool whilst still remaining easy and embodying the relaxed vibes of Los Angeles. She is a my go-to for when I am planning looks for flying, shopping or strolling the city. 
 The Brightest: @brightbazaar

Will Taylor’s account is really, really high up on my favorites list. This account is a consistent stream of beautiful, natural, and most importantly, BRIGHT photos of faraway places you have always wanted to visit, and hidden gems in the cities you know and love. It is a little pop of joy that emerges amongst the rest every time I scroll through. Plus he is a total cutie 😉

Most Refreshing : @acupofchic

This account is a very aspirational one for me. The shots are so clean and pure and open it reminds me of the Scandinavian interiors that I obsess over and pin like crazy (and then Pinterest tells me that I have already pinned them…oops). The color palette is steady and true to itself in a way that few accounts are. Always a great breath of fresh air.

The Cutest Couple : @cupofcouple
Talk about a couple that makes you say “You’re so cute and I am so jealous that I think I might hate you.” These two travel the world in style and always look like they are truly and genuinely enjoying it. They are funny, real and damn do they fuel your wanderlust. #CanIStealYourLife #Thanks
Best Classic Style: @blaireadiebee
This was actually the first Instagram I ever followed. Blair Eadie is sweet, smart as hell, and she has the most incredible posh style you could ever hope to envy. She picks a broad variety of colors that are brave, as well as silhouettes and overall looks that are unexpected but always look incredible. I once commented on her blog (this was years ago) about how much I loved her account and that I wanted to start blogging one day, and not only did she respond, but her response was real, kind and encouraging. For that I will always be grateful……also, I will always be grateful for her amazing Instagram feed that fills me with eternal joy 😉
Who are some of your favorite Instagram accounts?


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