Genuinely Cool Stuff 2.2.16

Hello All! As I am writing you this I am enjoying the eternal sunchild life that was destined for me and lounging about the beaches of Mexico in my itsy-bitsy bikini. Trust me, I am a much happier, nicer and calmer person while I am sunbathing in the delicious climate of Mexico, but I guess who isn’t? Anyways, enough incoherent margarita/sun drunk talk, here are the best links I have found from across the internet this week (and yes we have wifi here, I am terrible at going off the grid I know).

1. Great winter looks to wear to work and stay warm in these chilly months! // Who What Wear
2. The most indulgent sounding healthy blueberry, chia jam bars // Nuts
3. I am having no issues wrapping my head around this 6 minute workout // Fit Wirr
4. Make your medicine cabinet a little more cheerful on dreary mornings // Design Improvised
5. Great post about the science behind why probiotics are good for you // Lauren Conrad
6. How to find the best hashtags for your business and 70+ hashtag ideas // The Shop Files
7. Obsessed with this collection of over the water beach bungalows // Refinery 29
8. This post on pastel hairstyles has got my wheels turning… // NInja Cosmico


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