A Valentine’s Day Gift from You for You

Hello hello! I trust that you all are having a lovely week so far, I know I am! So far we have surfed, slept and spa-ed (new verb I just made up) our brains out and I could not be feeling more calm and happy. Tomorrow we are headed off to the Marietas Islands and hidden beach which I couldn’t be more stoked for (google it if you haven’t seen it all ready!).

Anyways, back to business. Today I thought that I would share a little Valentine’s Day gift guide, but this one is special because it is to you from you. #TREATYOSELF! Who needs a man on Valentine’s day when you have some great books, some chocolate and a little R and R! Read below for my gifting suggestions!

1. Cute Lingerie Set – Because everyone likes to feel a little sexy sometimes.
2. Epic Box of Chocolates – What better way to lay on the couch and watch reruns of friends (in your aforementioned lingerie hopefully)
3. Musky Candle – You don’t need to have a man around to hit your musty smell quota. This candle will make your whole apartment smell of rich mahogany 😉
4. Match Set Pajamas – When the chilly evening comes and you feel like getting all snuggled up.
5. Cute Mug – The perfect way to sip your morning coffee in peace.
6. Great Book– I just ordered my copy of “The Color Purple” as part of Our Shared Shelf, Emma Watson’s amazing book club. I cannot wait to bundle up and read this amazing literary work!
7. Ring Dish – Alright this is just something cute that you might not need but you know you want it!
8. Eye Mask– It is time for a little R and R and nothing keeps the light out better than a cute eye mask!

Is there anything that you are treating yourself to this Valentine’s Day?!

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