Cinnamon Redhot Shortbread

Valentine’s day is indeed upon us and in all of its heartfelt, lovey-dovey glory. To be honest I have always been a lover of Valentine’s Day, even when I was single, because it is my mom’s birthday and she loves to celebrate it! To get into the “holiday” spirit,  I am (not shockingly) baking up a storm and this magical little treat totally caught my eye. I am a big fan of Hot Tamales, or really anything spicy for that matter (I sometimes eat jalapenos out of the jar) and let me say that it did not disappoint. I used this recipe here. The only changes I made were just those that follow the vegan recipe listed in parentheses and I also used chopped up Hot Tamales instead of Red Hots. I liked that added texture of the chewiness of the Hot Tamales instead of the crunchy Red Hots! Yum!!!


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