Warming Up with a Hot Cocoa Bar and Gold Dipped Chaos

As the chillier weather has been infiltrating Columbus on and off this winter, the cold has been even more excruciating since it sometimes comes subsequently to fifty degree days. Either way, I always have my vices in the winter, hearty soups, red wine, old movies, but the main one that I come back to time and time again is hot cocoa. It is one of the very first things that I ever learned how to cook on a stovetop (since you can’t really count boxed macaroni and cheese as “cooking”) and I have loved to make it from scratch ever since.

That is why I was exceedingly excited to have had the opportunity to team up with two of the coolest girls on the web, Heather and Melissa of the Portland based blog GoldDipped Chaos, to each host our own version of a hot cocoa themed party! The idea was pretty simple, we each used the same hot cocoa recipe for our parties (pretty much the ultimate hot cocoa recipe), but we each built a very different party around that recipe. My party was wintery, cozy and rustic in nature (think lots of natural woods, white fur and sweet chalkboard labels for all the fixings), whereas Melissa and Heather’s was a summer in the midst of winter sort of party, complete with flamingos, summery looking menus and killer luau themed snack foods (their party can be found here). 
Anyways I figure that I would include all the necessary things you might need here, such as the printable tags for the hot cocoa bar, the invitations, and also the menus, all available for download here. I hope that you find them instrumental in planning your own hot cocoa party!!!
What is your favorite hot cocoa topping? (And yes the answer can be “all of them”)

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